tree lopping

The tree lopping in geelong is basically the process of pruning the top of the tree and this is why it is also known as the tree topping and the people who perform it are known as the tree loppers. Many people may think that cutting of the top and parts of tree is not a good idea but this is not the case, the tree lopping is very important for the growth of the tree and it helps the new branches to come out and grow quicker and healthier, helps to get rid of the damaged and dead branches and opens up the tree so that more light could reach to the bottom and inner parts of the tree. Also, this reduces the risk of damages and injuries which could be caused if the dead branches are just left there to rot and then these could fall out at any time and could damage the property or people under it. Not only this, but if you leave the dead branches as these are on the trees then these will eat and destroy the healthy branches as well and eventually the entire tea will be dead. Apart from this, the dead rotting branches become the breading nest for many bacteria, fungi and other such pests which is not good for clean environment.

Tree care hire:

The tree lopping needs to be done properly and require much more knowledge than you may think, if the tree lopping is not done properly then it can damage the tree and could cause the tree to rot and die. Therefore, it is recommended to hire the professional tree loppers who know the job and have the right qualification for it. The tree loppers should be hired at least once in a year to check and inspect the tree that whether it requires any pruning or lopping. These people will not only help your tree look great but will also give you advice that will help you throughout the life span of the tree.

Alternative to the tree lopping:

There are other ways to trim and prune the tree than cutting of the top branches which is the tree lopping in melbourne and most of the times the trimming and pruning is done to control the size of the tree from overgrowing and to make it look more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. But this could also help in the growth and health of the tree. Although before you perform any kind of tree lopping or pruning, make sure that you know the laws in your areas as there could be penalties on removing certain kind of tree species or ask the tree loppers of your area about this as they have the knowledge about these.