Pros & Cons Of Timber Laminate Flooring

The flooring is one of the most important components for building interior. Choosing the right flooring will not only make your life easy but also enhance the aesthetics. But what flooring will be ideal for you, that is a tricky question. There are many factors you will be considered while finalizing the flooring like;

  • Budget
  • Traffic
  • Appearance
  • Repair & maintenance

It’s not an easy decision to make, because if you, unfortunately, choose the wrong floor. Then you might be spending more money on maintaining it and with time it will be losing its charm. In past, people prefer to use hardwood or marble for flooring because of their exclusive looks and durability. Now there are many types of composite material are used for flooring and also serve the purpose well. For example, one of the popular is the timber laminate flooring and in very less time, it has become the primary choice when it comes to flooring. Looking into the benefits of timber laminate flooring in perth, this seems to be an ideal bargain for the people who are looking for style, durability and right price. Alike all other things, the laminate timber flooring has its advantage but some drawback, too.


  • Fit in Your budget; The basic reason for the popularity of timber laminate flooring is its affordability. In comparison to hardwood or marble, it is nearly half in price. For example, the hardwood flooring will be around $ 50 per square meter but you can get timber laminate flooring ranging from $ 20-30 per square meter. If you are not hardwood enthusiastic and ready to pay extra cost for it, then timber laminate flooring is ideal for you.
  • Impeccable appearance: Even with half the price, the timber laminate flooring will give the look & feel of the wood. You can get the same ambience for your room with timber laminate flooring, as you were expecting from hardwood. Even the timber laminate flooring will have a glossy finish, which seems to radiate the area, where it is laid.
  • Durability: With lower prices and beautiful appearance, the laminate timber flooring comes with great durability. They are perfect for high traffic areas; this is the reason that we can see people using the timber laminate flooring in their kitchen or living room. This flooring scratch resistant and can easily be cleaned.
  • Low maintenance: You don’t want to be sitting on the floor every day and cleaning it. You need the floor that required less cleaning and also resist any scratches. If damaged, it should be easily repaired. All these things are possible with timber laminate flooring.


  • Moisture: The prime drawback of timber laminate flooring is its low moisture resistant. It absorbs water and then swollen. Due to this reason, it is not fit for the bathroom or area near to water bodies.
  • No refinishing: Like marble or hardwood, once the part of timber laminate flooring damages, it cannot be refinished. It will be needing replacement. For more information please click here.

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