Pros And Cons Of Timber Flooring

The floor is the most important part of every house or property. The floor has to outlive all the activities and traffic that happens on the property. Whenever you need to select the flooring, you have to consider many factors, for example, the traffic in a particular area, activities to be carried out and aesthetics etc. This is the reason that usually chooses the various type of flooring in the single building and the flooring varies as per its utility. Timber flooring is one the popular type of flooring in use. The timber flooring provides the flexibility of selecting multiple types of timber for each area depending upon its utility. The timber flooring provides elegance to any building and easy to install, but all is not good about timber flooring. Like all other material timber also have its limitations.


  • The first reason people prefer timber flooring is aesthetic. You will get the elegant and natural look of your floor, there are very few materials that can provide such a natural look to your floor.
  • Timber is a durable flooring material. They can last for decades if properly maintained. Even in case, it needs repair, the timber floorboard repair can easily be done. It needs minimal maintenance with occasional polishing. They are also easy to clean as compare to marble or other stones.
  • Timber floor is a good insulator, it helps to insulate the heat in the floor. This lowers the temperature of the floor and cools the house. If you are living the warm regions, then timber flooring is perfect for your house.
  • There is a wide variety of colours, texture and wood that can be used in timber flooring. This provides a wide variety to the person to select even they can choose the right colour of the timber matching their furniture and other interior decoration. The timber flooring uplifts the value of the property. Any potential buyer will love to pay some extra if they will find the floor appealing and well maintained.


  • Like every good thing, the timber flooring is not cheap. Yes, you can find the cheap wood but again the finish is not up to par with expensive variants. The timber will consume a significant amount of your budget and this is the prime reason that people are unable to afford it.
  • The timber floor needs to be taken care of water. This shouldn’t be used in the areas, where water can reach the floor. Because the water will make timber to bloat and that will ruin the floor. It means there will be no outdoor application of timber floor and also not in kitchens.
  • The timber floor makes a lot of noise. It doesn’t mean they can talk, but anyone walking on the floor, you will be hearing crackling sounds. They are not good If you need quite an atmosphere in your house because, with time, the intensity of noise will increase as the timber will age.

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